Pet Services

For all the joy animals bring into our lives, honoring them as a family member is a fitting tribute.
Your pet's unique personality and unconditional love are truly worth celebrating.  Call (662) 234-3900 in Lafayette County and (662) 893-3900 in DeSoto County. Our phones are answered 24/7.

Coleman Pet Services brochure and price list (pdf)

Pickup service

We will pick up your pet's remains from any veterinary office. To pick up from a vet's office in DeSoto or Lafayette County is free. We can also pick up your pet from your home.

Cremation options

You may choose to have your pet cremated by itself or with other animals. With private cremation, you will receive your pet's ashes more quickly. 

Even with less-expensive communal cremation, the separate sections of our cremation chamber allow us to assure that each pet owner will receive their pet's ashes. Unlike other pet crematories, we return your pet's ashes to you, in a simple metal urn.  

Memorial keepsakes

Choose from our wide selection of decorative and keepsake urns, cremation jewelry and monuments. Custom engraving is available upon request. We can also provide caskets for pets of all sizes.

For more information, call Coleman Pet Services at (662) 234-3900 in Lafayette County and (662) 893-3900 in DeSoto County, or email  We invite you to also visit our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.