About Our Caskets

At Coleman Funeral Home, we want you to be able to honor your loved one in the way that's right for you. That's why we have developed a selection of caskets that ranges from value to premium. We have also done our homework to make sure you don't pay more than you should.

Same casket, Different prices

Did you know that, in many cases, value caskets and those with premium brand labels are made by the same casket manufacturer? When you pay for a premium label, the difference you pay for may only be a particular stain finish or fabric interior.

At Coleman Funeral Home, we will be glad to walk you through our casket selection and explain which of our caskets is very similar and comparable to a specific model name by another manufacturer. Our casket may likely be made in the same factory and will look almost identical.

Made in America

Coleman Funeral Home believes it is important to use American-made products whenever possible, and we are proud to have partnered with several American casket manufacturers.

To learn more about our partners, visit Astral and New England Casket Company. View the videos below to see how our caskets are made.

Customize your selection

We encourage you to memorialize your loved one in a way that is most appropriate for you. From camouflage patterns to rustic burlap, our in-stock casket selection includes specialized caskets to honor your loved one and reflect his interests. Custom lid inserts featuring patriotic themes are also available.

Additionally, we can get almost any casket from any manufacturer for next-day delivery, and we are glad to accommodate your family's needs.

We would like to be able to offer caskets with personalization for your loved one's favorite college or professional sports team. Unfortunately, the price to purchase the copyright of such merchandise is cost-prohibitive. If you want to memorialize someone with their favorite team colors or a team-themed memorial, let us know and we can explore the options.

High-end options 

There is no limit to your casket options, since we are able to quickly get for you almost any casket on the market. Examples include Batesville Casket Co.'s Montrachet Mahogany Casket ($10,500) as well as solid brass or copper caskets such as the Z64 Classic Gold Solid Bronze ($9,200).

Begin the selection process 

We have made it easy for you to begin choosing the right casket by posting our in-stock casket selection — with prices — here on our website. Click here to begin