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Pre-need counselors guide you through tough decisions. Our experienced team is passionate about helping families create a plan for the future.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.




“Anyone who has buried a loved one knows how much it means to have funeral plans taken care of in advance. It is the best way to ensure you and your loved ones are properly memorialized.” — Glenn Coleman

Glenn is a lifelong resident of Lafayette County. He opened Coleman Funeral Home in March 2004 as a way to give back to his community. Glenn serves as the company’s lead funeral director, pre-need advisor, embalmer and crematory operator.

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Mike Roberts

“The grieving process is only made harder with the added financial and emotional responsibilities that come with planning a funeral.  Through pre-planning, we provide families with the security of knowing there is a plan in place should the worst happen.” — Mike Roberts

Mike, owner of Roberts Insurance Agency, joined Coleman Funeral Home as a pre-need advisor in 2019. Mike specializes in counseling families through the process of purchasing and planning funeral services in advance.

Olive branch

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Ashley Bowlan

"Pre-planning is truly the greatest gift you can give to a loved one. It removes the financial and emotional burden from an already devastating time." — Ashley Bowlan

Ashley, an Olive Branch native, serves the company as a licensed funeral director, pre-need counselor and embalmer. He oversees visitations and services, and works closely with families to memorialize loved ones. 


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Lane Massey

"Pre-planning funeral arrangements allows your family to simply focus on comforting  one another when a loved one is lost. With so many of the hardest decisions already made, families are allowed to begin the grieving process immediately after a loss." — Lane Massey

Lane is a licensed funeral director,  pre-need insurance agent, embalmer, and crematory operator for Coleman Funeral Home in Olive Branch and Southaven. A majority of his day is spent serving our families and training new funeral directors.

What happens during a pre-planning meeting?

Pre-need conferences can be broken down into three portions; getting to know you, information gathering and discussing your options. 

Getting to know you

During this portion of our meeting, we simply want to learn more about you or the person you are making plans for. We will sit down, have a cup of coffee and talk about what is important to you in terms of memorialization.

Information gathering 

This is where we get all of the vital information we might need, including details we would need for documents such as a death certificate.

Discussing your options

Finally, we will discuss all of your options for memorialization, including service packages, burial preferences and any customizations you may select. Once we have your details recorded, we will provide you with a final cost for your service with a detailed breakdown. To complete our meeting, we will discuss payment options. 

After your meeting is complete, you will receive a record of every thing we discussed. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more abut pre-planning.