Our Casket Selection

Coleman Funeral Home is proud to provide high-quality caskets at the best prices in our area. We keep in stock at least one example of each of the caskets that most of our families prefer. We want you to be able to see, touch and feel the casket you select for your loved one.

In addition to our in-stock caskets, we can quickly get for you any casket available on the market. Your options are virtually unlimited. Browse our selection of caskets below, and let us know if there is a different casket style that you prefer. 

Metal Caskets

Aegean Bronze

Our Price: $9,550

Sienna Copper

Our Price $4,990

Sapphire Blue

Our Price $4,500


Our Price $2,685

PBC Metallic Blue

Our Price: $2,495

V-Ray Bronze

Our Price: $1,900

Wood Caskets

Princeton Carved Top

Our Price: $6,950

Princeton Smooth Top

Our Price: $5,495

Envent Cherry

Our Price: $3,990

Button Oak

Our Price: $3,750

Lane Cedar

Our Price: $3,150


Our Price: $2,995

Quincy Highland Oak

Our Price: $2,195

Homestead Coach Cherry

Our Price: $1,350

Stockton AM Pine

Our Price: $1,050